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Financial Planning for Physicians

Pursuing Financial Freedom as a Physician in Oklahoma

Every medical doctor’s journey is characterized by years of education and hard work. It takes time to become an expert, and once you do, it seems as though your situation changes overnight. From managing mountains of student loan to suddenly making six figures, you may feel as though you’re experiencing financial whiplash!

At Oklahoma Financial Center, we have dedicated ourselves to understanding the complex needs of physicians. As you begin to save for retirement, form the goals you have for yourself and your practice, and plan for your financial freedom, you need individualized advice tailored to your circumstances. Our high touch approach for residents, practice owners, and seasoned physicians involves ongoing dialogue to help you be prepared for every stage of your career.

What’s Involved in Financial Planning for Physicians?

We help you:
Manage Cash Flow
Analyze Medical School Loans
Buy or Sell Medical Practices
Structure your Investment Portfolio
Plan for Retirement
Protect your Assets
Minimize Tax Liability

Selecting a Retirement Plan for your Practice

Providing a retirement plan for your employees can be an effective way to build wealth and minimize your medical practice’s tax liability. This is another benefit of working with the professionals at Oklahoma Financial Center. We’re well versed in the advantages and drawbacks of various retirement plans, and can design a plan (and manage it!) to meet the needs of your practice and employees.

As a medical professional, you know the value of expert advice. Just as you would rely on your training to deliver your best to your patients, allow us to put our experience to work for you.

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