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Oklahoma Financial Center started in 1987. 

This is who we are.

Here’s How We Got Started 

Our organization has been a part of the Oklahoma City community for more than thirty years. We go all the way back to the fall of 1987 when Karen Cunningham founded Oklahoma Financial Center as a fee-based financial planning firm. Throughout the years, we’ve added expertise and experience with dedicated team members. In 2017, Karen’s son Porter joined the firm, bringing our team to ten members. Strong communities are made up of strong, confident families, and Oklahoma Financial Center offers a team-based approach to truly surround our clients with the expertise they need on their road to financial wellbeing. We work with attorneys, accountants, and many other partners to adequately grasp the big picture and ensure your every need is met.

Here’s Where We Are Today 

Here’s Where We Are Today 

Reliable. When you need us, and where you need us, our team will be there.

Simple. We believe in a realistic approach and foster an environment where questions are welcome.

Interactive. Managing your finances is accomplished through a relationship, not transactions.

Practical. Tell us what your goals are, and we’ll develop recommendations aimed at achieving them.

Knowledgeable. Our education and experience mean we are well qualified to serve as your financial guide.

Fun. We aren’t afraid to let our personalities shine through, and we’d love to get to know yours.

Meet The Team

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