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Preserve Wealth with an Estate Plan

It is crucial to involve your financial advisor in your estate planning process with your attorney.

Has developing an estate plan been on your list? It should be, because estate planning is part of financial security. This is one aspect too important to overlook, but it requires both a legal expert and a financial expert.

At Oklahoma Financial Center, we simplify the estate planning process. We’ll work with your estate attorney or tax professional and coordinate all aspects of your estate plan with the goal of helping you address all your goals and keep as much of your wealth in the family as possible.

Estate Planning is for EVERYONE. 

There are so many myths about estate planning. One core belief is that estate planning is just for the ultra wealthy. The truth? If you have financial accounts of any kind, a family, or a home, estate planning is 100% something you should do. Think of it this way: estate planning is deciding what to do with your assets when you’re unable to decide for yourself.

Your unique circumstances will dictate what is included in your estate planning strategy. If you’re providing for future children or grandchildren want your assets left to a significant other, you can make sure it happens. Do you have a passion for a particular charity or concerns about how your money might be handled in the future? Make your wishes known via an estate plan.

Don’t wait and let estate planning become one of those items on your list that somehow never gets checked off. Schedule a consultation with our team today and rest easy knowing your wishes are outlined.

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