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Making Smart Investments

Build a portfolio with ambition.

Making smart investments starts long before a single stock or bond is chosen. Part of a financial plan is assigning a purpose to every dollar. Like many aspects of constructing a financial plan, investment management process starts with a conversation about what each dollar is designated for.

What do you want your money to do? When will you need it? How much risk are you comfortable with?

That’s where we start. Then you can rely on our expertise and knowledge to help guide you to an appropriate selection of investments for your portfolio that are well suited to accomplish your goals.

And let us be clear – investing is for everyone, not just the ultra wealthy. From early on in your career to approaching retirement, a sound investment approach can make a big difference in your bottom line. Worried about what you see on the news? The daily ups and downs of the markets shouldn’t rattle a sound investing strategy. Our team takes market movement into account and we stay on top of your investments, recommending course changes when conditions dictate according to your individual goals.

When is an Investment Manager Helpful? 

  • If you’re trying to consolidate multiple 401ks or IRAs from former accounts.
  • If you aren’t confident about the performance or structure of your existing portfolio
  • If you are dealing with specialized circumstances like an inheritance, tax complexities, legacy planning, etc.

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